!!! Check out the "SHOES" section for an exciting update !!!


Ready to make custom cycling shoes again !

It has taken about 6 months to get setup and design the first new model. 

This is just the first model. More models to follow...

This first model has a very solid feel with a more stable feel on the pedal.  And it's lighter!!

The upper is  reinforced with Innegra™  fabric internally to prevent any give while pulling up . Very solid powerful shoe.  It uses much more of my "no Stitch" technology with more on the way. 

The sole is made of a bi-directional Carbon/ Innegra™ composite that is extremely still yet dampens road vibration. As comfortable as it is powerful. 

This new model weighs in at 270 gr per shoe without orthotic; size 45.


This is the first offering from Lamson Cycling. Priced at $1275

Custom lasts for each foot

Custom cleat drilling

Custom colors

Custom orthotics

For new customers

To get the process going you will need to place a non refundable deposit of $150. After I get the deposit I will ship you a FIt Kit. Please use the appropriate PayPal "Place Deposit" button below.

For established customers

All of the old customer information is now owned by D2.. I do not have access to  that information. I have a completely new last so I will ship you a new Fit Kit after I recieve your deposit of $50.

All shipping costs will be billed to the customer. Only the actual cost of shipping. No handling charge, no markup on shipping charges.

Deposit for new customers


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is a non refundable deposit for the Fit Kit for all new customers.

Deposit for established customers


Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

This is a deposit for established customers. Customers that followed me from D2. This is a minimal deposit to insure your place in the queue and help in tracking orders.

Thank you very much for following me to my new business. I greatly appreciate your loyalty!